Friday, 25 November 2016

Friends under the same sky

You can´t give value the gift made by Your friends, the hands hooking hours and putting squares together with thoughts. I got that kind of gift last week.

Four friends of mine came from Finland to visit me and we spend wonderful time together for 10 full days. And in the middle of everything, on one very special moment they suddenly gave to us (for me and my hub Ulysses) a specian gift: Blanket. Big and warm and cozy, one of the most beautiful blankets I ever seen. That was one of my friends design and all these women were made it together. Sari Åström is the designer, she has made the square called Cheerful Echinacea and as You see in pictures it is so beautiful with any different combination of the colors You want.

Well, you also can have it. This square is actually free pattern and there is available 9 different language translations of it. So if You are interested of it follow the link:
and if you are also interested to make also the other square You see on this blanket link for it is here (it is only in Finnish):

My friends flew yesterday afternoon back home but this blanket brings them back to me whenever I use it...and you feel we are under the same sky.

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