Friday, 28 October 2016

Mexican Mandala CAL 2016 WEEK 1

Let´s start and I am very happy to do so! Here are the files of the translations for Week 1:

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Countdown is on!

Two days till Mexican Mandala 2016 starts, on Friday 28th! Woohoo be ready! Over 1000 people has clicked to take a part of this CAL, but I think there is many more, let´s see....and very soon! This mandala will be fun and with happy colors it will brighten up your day.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Unisieppari Mandala on valmis! (sorry this one is only in Finnish)

Unisieppari Mandalan kirjoitettu ohje on nyt testattu ja korjattu ja se on valmis, tein myös symbolikartan tälle mandalalle tueksi ohjeen lukemiseen. Kyseessä on siis ainoastaan perusmandalan ohje ei koko unisiepparin teko ohjetta, jokainen voin mielensä mukaan pingottaa ja koristella oman mandalansa.
Ohje tästä linkistä: Unisieppari Mandala 2016 . Olkaapa hyvä! Sorry folks...not in English this moment, but maybe some day...well there is the chart included the file if that is enough for You to  make this Dream Catcher Mandala Doily, just click the link and you can check it out.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mexican Mandala CAL yarn packs

Mexican Mandala CAL 2016 will start on 28th of October.
Scheepjes yarn color packs are now available for the Mexican Mandala CAL 2016, you can choose two different packs and find them Wool warehouse:…
or in Deramores:…

Version 1 Catona:
Version 2 Softfun:

Monday, 3 October 2016

Mexican Mandala CAL intro ENG and FIN

Here are the link to the Mexican Mandala CAL files
just click the link and choose the file, at the moment there is only two files of intro in English and in Finnish :)

NEWS! Mexican Mandala CAL 2016

News! News! News! News! News! News! News! News!

designed By Jaya Creations 2016 Jaana Svanholm with the great help of my sponsor and wonderful yarn of them, Scheepjes
It will be hosted by CAL-Crochet Along group and here is the link to it:
This is what they say about it:
Come on a journey with us and experience the beautiful colors and textures of Mexico! We are partnering with Scheepjes and Jaana Svanholm of Jaya Creations to bring you the Mexican Mandala CAL. Jaana, who lives in Brazil, was inspired by her love of the Mexican culture to create this spectacular Mandala which she recommends for intermediate level crocheters. And to help take the guesswork out of yarn/color selection, two special yarn packs will be available by Scheepes. The CAL will be available in a wide range of languages. There is no doubt you’ll be shouting Ole to this CAL!
CAL Info at a Glance
Start Date: October 28, 2016
Release day/time: Friday, 3:00 pm Brazil time/1:00 pm CST, 2:00 pm EST.
Duration: 5 weeks
English UK
English US

You will find the links to the patterns in this blog of mine and IT IS FREE. Come and Join the Journey <3 go to this link: or to the open group
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