Thursday, 28 April 2016

Designers point of view...

I am brave and I started to call myself as designer.

I know designers, as all the creative people, have their own ways to create the pattern and design...talking now about crochet designs. Some do pattern on paper first with all the details, some do something else. Like me, I always saw the pictures inside my head, keep going with them a while, then I make very fast sketch on paper and start working. While doing making chances and other notes on paper. When ready, I do it again and then I calculate the stiches and make the marks and take the pictures...and that is only the beginning. But the main work is to have the ideas and images inside my head.

Living in Brazil and South America is a huge blessing to me, it liberate me to be more colorful and free. All the shapes, colors and tastes and smells are strong, all over You. And I love them. No wonder my works and designs has begun to be strong with colors and shapes too.

I´ve already made my Mexican Mandala........

and this other one started to come at the same time with flower and...

again very different shapes. As I worked with it all my plans changed too and the finally when it was ready it look totally different but still the same, as the image in my mind. And it really is the Flower Wheel.

I love the process of creations, You never know how they start and what is the result. The next mandala is coming soon. And these two will be released with the pattern as soon I have them tested and made the good files. So be patient :)