Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Confession of a Crochetholic...aka WIP all around

Yep, confess...My name is Jaana and I am crochetholic. I am living multiple WIP around me. WIP, what is that? Well WIP is international crochet language and it means Work In Progress. I am working multiple own patterns at the same time, many of them are "resting" and waiting me to continue. But I have also many other WIP going on.

Couple of weeks ago we moved and I realized that we are going to need little curtain to our kitchen I started to make one. I looked suitable pattern from Pinterest and work is now in progress.
The flower pattern is this, I really don´t know who is the designer (if You know tell me please and I will tag the name in it): 

And around the square I choose to make the Celtic Lace Join, so my curtain WIP looks like this at the moment :) Yarn is Brazilian 100% cotton called Camila by Coats and I am using 2.5mm hook.

My second one is with the same yarn and same hook size and it is Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn winter blanket all the details you will find from this link: . I have long way to go yet but the WIP looks like this:   

And this one I started to make cose of the yarn my friends from Finland left behind after visiting me here in Brazil...good excuse to try to make my first tapestry technique bag so I choose to make with the pattern I again found from Pinterest and the bag WIP looks like this, yarn is Drops Muskat 100% cotton and 3.0mm hook. 

And I keep one is coming with the Brazilian yarn called Barroco Max Color by Circulo, again 100% cotton and I am using 3.5mm hook, I choose to make Pricilla Hewitt´s Cognac Matelasse Blanket with it, the pattern you can buy from Ravelry, follow the link: . One more thing to confess, in the pic, the front of it You will see my own design of the flower octagon, this happens sometimes when you get inspired of the pattern you use :D

Well here was only some of my WIPs, there are more. I can say my life is not boring as a Crochetholic, I always have something to do if I don´t get inspired of something new to start....heheh

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  1. Just saw your work on Pinteresand I love it! 💖